List Of 7 Most Popular Online Card Games in India

 The passion for card games online in India is extraordinary, and it maintains way into our history. Whether it is incredibly unique wedding functions, festivals like Diwali, or a relaxed evening with friends, several rounds of card games are a must. But with the hectic lifestyle and measures adding to our daily troubles, playing card games became more and more of a challenge. There are lots of websites that provide an opportunity to gamble online through various competitions. Gambling online sounds like tons of fun, but should you trust a website with your financial information or trust
them, the odds stated at winning. Well, these all questions are commonly lead to reservations about gambling online. Perhaps casino websites are growing day-by-day and receive hundreds and thousands of new visitors. Here is a listing of the most popular 
online playing card games in India.


1. Rummy 


The rummy is the most popular and lovable card game in India. It is one of the best for family and friends, and they would play to spend quality time together. Now that you can play it online, the reputation of the game has grown exponentially. It is a skillful card game that requires players to analyze and use strategy to win the game quickly.

2. Teen Patti


The literal interpretation is three cards. Teen Patti is An Indian card game that is followed by the British card game. It also draws related to poker. Hence, some people call it Teen Patti – the Indian poker. The game is so prevalent in India that it has been a feature in local films. There is also a Bollywood movie named Teen Patti.


                                                                   3. Poker 

Poker is a combo of betting and strategizing. It is a casino game that is operated privately at homes too. Hollywood is engaged with poker and its variants and is featured in several movies and TV shows. This card game is connected with North America, making sense as poker's roots can be traced to this country. 



4. Red & Blue Slot


If you're familiar with classic spinning reel BARs and 7s machines, you are close to the Red White & Blue slot machine family. RWBs come in several varieties, 5x and 10x pay, wild, the rocket blaster ups/downs, and co-branded into the wheel of fortune progressives. Despite the red, white and blue logo and seemingly same action on all RWB machines, they are certainly not be created equally. The average slot machine has 32 stop/reel, with a three-reel slot machine having an average of 32,000 possible combinations. 


5. Card Matka


One of the best luck-defining games is the card Matka which is not something unique to the world. Each man on the planet has played at some point of time in his life. There are numerous sorts of betting activities, for example, card betting, gambling clubs, casinos, lotteries, and so forth. One of those types is lottery betting or card Matka which is popular in India and parts of Pakistan.   



                                                                             6. Andar Bahar 

A single card deck is used, and the odds of wins or losses remain 50-50. The player has to choose the Andar or Bahar spot on either side of the table. After a betting spot is selected, the cards are dealt out, half of a deck or 13 in number. 


7. Seven Eight


Indians love to play card games. There is a sense of bonding with the family or friends. Also, it is magnificent and fun to play, the seven-eight card game that has been played in Indian households for centuries. 


Concluding words


An online card game always come up with twist and turns which makes it more interesting. You can have loads of fun and win the jackpot with any of these popular online playing cards games. 


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